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  • Corey Paige Designs license with Malibu Sugar has sold to over 250 boutiques throughout the US & Canada

  • Malibu sugar was named “Best Tween Company” in 2015 by Earnshaw’s magazine

  • Malibu Sugar has prime booth positioning at ENK Children’s Club Trade Show





  • Corey Paige Designs is a Featured Artist on RageOn’s online platform

  • Corey Paige sells over 300 products including leggings, t-shirts, socks, swim shorts, sneakers, dresses, yoga pants, crop tops, blankets, sweatshirts & more

  • Corey Paige has over 67K followers on their storefront



  • Corey Paige Designs license with Living Royal - 8+ of Corey’s designs will be printed on Living Royal Socks

  • Will sell to 3000 retail stores throughout the US & Canada starting 2018

  • The collaboration will be sold their website LivingRoyal.com and on various other sites including Amazon.com and Walmart.com