5 Reasons You Should Buy CPD Candles

5 Reasons You Should Buy CPD Candles

5 Reasons You Should Buy CPD Candles

You were all as obsessed as we were with our first ever Love You More candle collection. This collection was made with moms on our mind, and launched just in time for Mother’s Day 2021. We sold out of our first batch, and have more on the way. So make sure to click here to order yours. And guess what?! We have a new collection of graduation themed candles available now! It is no secret that everyone loves a good candle. They smell good, look good and make the perfect gift - an affordable one too! These candles will bring pure happiness and joy into your home with their long lasting scents and fun designs that were made with love.

1. Gifting: Who doesn't love getting candles as a gift? This Mother’s Day, show Mom you love her more by surprising her with a gorgeous CPD candle. Need an affordable graduation gift? These are a great home decor item to stick around the house, in the office, apartment, dorm room or anywhere you need a reminder that you are loved! 

2. Decor: CPD candles are all designed with love and are created with fun and colorful designs that could brighten up any room. These are guaranteed to make your home’s aesthetic stand out as a standalone piece or as a cluster of more than one design! 

3. Smell: Choosing between our different scents may not be easy, but these scents will spread smiles and happiness across the room while inspiring relaxing sighs. Get the amazing scents of summer in your home when you light any of our candles. 

4. Recycling: Once you have fully burned your candles, don’t throw away those jars just yet! You can use our designed candle jars as a holder for any accessories. Need some ideas? Use it to hold you makeup brushes, toothbrushes, hair ties and hair accessories, tea bags and anything else you may need storage for around the house.

5. Mood: Candles are a mood booster. Not only do candles release amazing scents to fill your space, but they can actually improve your energy. Different scents have different effects, but if you have a home that’s smelling good, you know you’ll be in a better mood.

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