About Corey Paige

Corey Paige is a New York based artist, muralist, and entrepreneur specializing in making happy art. Known for her expressive style, Corey’s unique designs explore themes around love, positivity, and happiness. Corey is passionate about using her art to make the world a brighter place while making a positive impact. Her work is proven to give an immediate mood-booster, with the goal to put a smile on your face.

Corey Paige started her company in her dorm room at Tulane University. What once started out as a hobby, drawing pictures for friends to hang up on their walls, quickly turned into a business. Sophomore year, she posted one of her unique collage designs on Instagram and received a tremendous amount of positive feedback and started taking on personalized design requests. As her popularity on social media grew, she began to receive calls from retail stores across the country to carry her merchandise and to design products for their brands. It was at this point that she decided to turn her hobby into a business. Alas, Corey Paige Designs was born.

During the pandemic, Corey’s platform soared as she ventured into the fine art world, discovering her passion for painting. She has painted numerous wall murals and art pieces for clients nationwide, many of which have gone viral Instagram and TikTok receiving millions of views. Corey has collaborated with notable brands such as JetBlue, JFK Airport, The New York Islanders, Casetify, HomeGoods, Simon Malls, Jacques Torres, among many others. Her artwork has lit up major airports, malls, and hospitals with public features on a digital billboard in Manhattan, on a two-story building in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami, and on a large window display at Brookfield Place in New York. Corey’s signature happy face pieces have been featured at several major art fairs including Art Basel Week in Miami.

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Our Mission

Dedicated to harnessing the power of art to make the world a brighter place, Corey Paige’s mission is to inspire happiness, encourage kindness, and celebrate individuality. We unite a community that values creativity and a shared commitment to making a positive impact through art.