Favorite Female Owned Businesses: Clothing & Jewelry

Favorite Female Owned Businesses: Clothing & Jewelry

With International Women's Day coming up on March 8th, we continue our blog series highlighting other female-founded and female-owned businesses in 4 categories. Today's category focuses on clothing and jewelry. Get ready to fill your carts once you read about these awesome brands!


Clothing Brands:

Grey Bandit - Grey Bandit is an online clothing boutique with super cute clothes and accessories at very affordable prices. Grey Bandit doesn't only sell clothing, but promotes a lifestyle of wellness and positive vibes. The founders of Grey Bandit have personal experiences with anxiety and depression, so the goal of their platform is to break the stigma that usually accompanies mental illness. A portion of their net proceeds from their Care Collection benefits two amazing causes that address mental illness.



Goldstitch - Gold Stitch, founded by Lindsey Goldstein, is an apparel company that allows for personalized, custom embroidered pieces such as lounge sets, sweatshirts, sweatpants etc. Get the perfect matching sweatshirts for a party favor or bridal party!



Art By Elaine - Elaine has loved art since she was young and never imaged finding her passion of art through creating a poster in high school to raise awareness about human trafficking. She began posting her designs online and within days she had hundreds of orders. I follow her on TikTok and she's constantly creating new art, clothing, and sharing tips and tricks for small businesses. 



Shop Pink and Honey - Danielle Zeitler founded Pink + Honey in Florida in 2013 after graduating from Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Her first location was started in a indoor flea market with one tiny booth. In May of 2016 Danielle was invited to a trunk show on Long Island which would later end up being in the same building where her store is now located. Pink + Honey is dedicated to carrying affordable yet trendy pieces that are hand picked from LA. Located in Roslyn, New York, Pink + Honey is a go-to boutique store and I actually painted my first mural ever here!



LojoBands - Best friends and college roommates Laura Fawzi and Julia Greenzaid combined their love for school spirit, business, and fashion to create unique and trendy college apparel for women to love and feel confident in. It began as a DIY project in their freshman year dorm room with daisies and hair bands (where their name originates) which now is transferred into a one-stop shop for the best officially licensed college apparel. You can find Officially Licensed CPD collegiate apparel sold on their website!



 Heartman Clothes - Heartman Clothes, founded by Jacquelyn Zoeller during her senior year at University of Wisconsin, is a female-owned small business selling t-shirts and accessories. With every purchase, the socially conscious clothing brand donates 10% of its profits to designated charities in the mental health, environmental or women’s rights spaces. I have a handful of their tees and they are so fun and comfortable!



 Aviator Nation - Everyone seems to know Aviator Nation, but do you know how it started? Paige Mycoskie, founder and creative visionary behind the 1970’s inspired California lifestyle brand, Aviator Nation was born in her garage in Venice Beach in 2006 which has now grown into a global lifestyle brand with 13 retail locations. Paige’s passion for 1970’s fashion and the music that defined that time period inspired her to create her own clothing stitched by hand. 



 OG the Brand - Olivia, the founder of OG the Brand, started experimenting with a favorite summertime hobby, tie-dying. After making a few samples during the summer going into her senior year at Tulane University the demand for her tie-dyed apparel quickly grew. Her passion for style and comfort is what is now OG The Brand. Each item is handmade in New York to order allowing the whole process to be completely customizable. 



Jewelry Brands:

Alv Jewels - Founder Allie Vanata started ALV in 2015 with the goal of creating unique yet on trend pieces at affordable prices for girls all over the world. To keep that goal alive they offer new styles online weekly which can also be found nationwide at local boutiques. 



Maison Miru - Trisha, the founder of Maison Miru, designs jewelry for connection and creative living. She designs easy to wear earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings that you can mix and match to create a signature look that is your own. 



 Just Bead it By Rachel - Just Bead it By Rachel is a jewelry and accessories destination for affordable accessories all of which are homemade on Long Island, NY. She specializes in custom jewelry in 14K Gold filled, Sterling Silver, Tiles and much more.  



 Em John Jewelry - Twenty-three year-old Emma Johnson, based out of NYC, has a passion for bracelets and she used her talent and instincts to build a business. She started by creating charm bracelets, posting photos on Instagram and having friends ask to buy them. She expanded her company to create a line of pouches with sassy sayings that make every woman smile. 



 JacqMaria Jewelry - JacqMaria Jewelry, handmade in New York, uses gemstones collected from around the globe which are designed to be worn alone or layered together as well as mix and match different textured chains and pendants for a unique look. Each piece of jewelry is created to empower, encourage and brighten each person who wears it.



Ellie Vail Jewelry - Ellie Vail was founded in 2014 after Ellie took the entrepreneurial leap and started designing jewelry full time. Her experience in the fashion industry and risk taking mentality has contributed largely to her success. Ellie Vail Jewelry is defined for the everyday women with a mix of classic and trend inspired styled jewelry, which are unique because of their ability to be water resistant.


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