Favorite Female Owned Businesses: Food Edition

Favorite Female Owned Businesses: Food Edition

With International Women's Day coming up on March 8th, 2021, these next few blog posts will highlight other female-founded and female-owned businesses in 4 categories. Today's category focuses on FOOD, one of my favorite topics, so hope you're ready for some yummy finds.


Andie’s Eats - Andie is a recent Tulane University grad who turned her passion for baking into a business. Andie’s unique and innovative “Cake Scraps” are what make’s her business stand out from other baked goods companies. Oh, and I’ve tried them and they’re amazing! My favorite flavor was Salted Caramel.


Sweet Shot Cookies - Sweet Shot Cookies was founded by Hallie Schwartz, who is also a Tulane alum and friend, and is a Chicago-based cookie company. Like me, Hallie started her business after college which quickly took off. She now has her own store front / kitchen. Sweet Shot specializes in infused cookies and cookie cakes! Their infused cookies are gooey, homemade and infused with your favorite sweet filling. 



Stuffed Cookies - Jenn, the founder of Stuffed Cookies, was 22 years old when she was finishing up culinary school and began making Nutella stuffed cookies to give out to friends and family for Christmas. Their excitement over the cookie is what motivated Jenn to launch Stuffed Cookies in 2014. She started making cookies with her mom and then eventually moved into a shared commercial kitchen. Personally, these are my favorite cookies ever! I’ve probably ordered a dozen times these past few months because my family and I can’t get enough of them! I’ve also worked with Jenn on a few projects - including designing Instagram GIFS and postcards for Stuffed Cookies - and she rocks!



Baked by Melissa - Melissa Ben-Ishay is the founder of Baked by Melissa, the NYC-based brand famous for its bite-size cupcakes. She has been passionate about baking since childhood and loved the idea that people should be able to taste more flavors without a post-dessert guilt trip, which began the creation of these bite size cupcakes. I have listened to Melissa speak on panels and podcasts, and her story, motivation, and work ethic inspires me as fellow female-founded company. I also share Melissa's love for all things colorful and rainbow!



Dana’s Bakery - Dana Pollack established Dana’s Bakery in 2012 based out of a small kitchen in New Jersey. She continued to grow her business by creating desserts such as her signatures Mookies, Macaroons, Rainbow Black and White Cookies and so much more. To keep things fresh, a new flavor is added to the collection every month. I’ve worked with Dana & Dana’s Bakery, creating GIFS, coloring sheets, and even CPD x DB Macaroons for an epic giveaway! You must follow the DB Instagram account, as Dana shares lots of fun behind the scenes from the bakery and her life with her family.



Flour Shop - Flour Shop’s founder, Amirah Kassem is an artist at heart but cake is her passion. She grew up baking with her mother in Mexico rather than learning from culinary school. Flour shop is known for their famous rainbow layered cakes with sprinkles in the center as well as their DIY Cake Kits that ship nationwide. 



SpotsNYC - Lily Brynes, who was born and raised in Manhattan, launched SPOTS in 2014 out of desire to create unique Valentines Day treats for her now fiance. SPOTS are mini cupcakes that can be customized with any photo or design, which makes the perfect gift for any occasion. After drawing so much attention through social media, Lily decided to make her hobby her full time company, very much like myself!



Caffe Panna - Caffe Panna founder Hallie Meyer is an ice cream lover who has cooked in Southern Italy. Hallie first started selling her ice cream at a popup in the South Bronx. Now Caffe Panna is a neighborhood ice cream shop and coffee bar in Manhattan’s Gramercy Park that scoops their house-made ice cream. They offer 10 flavors - some which are staples and some that are chosen based on what is inspiring the kitchen at that moment. They seriously have some of the best ice cream in NYC. Often the line is wrapped around the block, and my friends and I will be sure to wait for our favorite flavor!



Popt by Lily - Lily Aslanian is the founder of POPT by Lily, she launched her company after completely self-teaching herself on how to bake. She has severe nut allergies and always had to stay away from bakeries and dessert menus at restaurants. She decided to take those matters into her own hands and turn her kitchen into her safe place and eventually starting her business from there. Her unique, home-made pop tarts are super eye catching and taste amazing too!



Dotcakes - Founders Alex and Sondra Posner located in Westbury, NY have created customizable sprinkle cakes with hundreds of different designs on them, making them personable for your occasion. If you are from Long Island, Dotcakes are a go-to for birthdays, anniversaries, parties, and especially college decisions!



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