Female Artist We're Loving in 2021

Female Artist We're Loving in 2021

We continue to highlight other female-founded and female-owned businesses leading up to International Women's Day on March 8th. Today's category focuses on female artists! The best way to support artists (if not by purchasing their art) is by giving a follow, and share their work!


Sam Stein Designs - Sam Stein, founder of Sam Stein Designs, is an architecture student based in Toronto who had an idea to begin painting when all of her summer plans were cancelled due to COVID-19. She began watercolor painting all the places she wished she could travel along with her dream fashion accessories. After her paintings drew attention on social media, she began selling her original artwork. 



Steffi Lynn - Steffi Lynn is a hand letterer, illustrator, designer and muralist born in Austin, Texas but now based in Brooklyn, New York. She is driven to take normal moments and make them colorful, playful, exciting as her work is inspired by everyday things around her. She has worked with clients such as Samsung, Adobe Creative Cloud, Kendra Scott and many more. 



Courtney Kinnare - Courtney is an abstract painter based in Los Angeles, who combines iridescent pigments, fine sands and acrylic paint with resin to blend into landscapes. Her mission is to raise awareness for local and global issues and finding unique ways to make an impact. 



BeKindBella - BeKindBella was founded by Isabella Hurlbut who is a 23 year-old, full-time artist based in the NJ area. She started drawing and painting at a young age as a method to help her anxiety and as a way to express herself. She founded her company as a reminder to be kind to herself - but also a way to connect others through her art and to find an outlet for her messier, funkier side. 



Hapi Art - Hapi Art was founded by Kristi Kohut after she left the world of advertising in 2007 when her son was born. She began crafting for several years and then decided it was time to put her work out there for others to see while trying to connect one-on-one with her collectors. She started selling her art online and sharing her personal experiences and story through Instagram. Today, demand for her work is so high that she has a waitlist for commissions.



Morgan Paints Stuff - Morgan Gray, the founder of Morgan Paints Stuff, is a New Orleans based artist who graduated from LSU in 2017. She has turned her passion for art and painting into a living by selling commissions. It has been a dream of hers to sell to people who are excited to have her pieces in their homes. 



Pandr - Roxy Prima and Phoebe Cornog are both Co-Founders of Pandr Design Co. Roxy’s unique style helped her build her following which led to an introduction to Phoebe and then the launch of Pandr. They are a team of artists and designers who like telling visual stories through art. They create custom installations and murals, and help boost brands' engagement and social media presence. Phoebe and Roxy share helpful artist tips on TikTok and Instagram. Check out their website below for more useful resources and guides.



Julia Ryan - Julia Ryan is a New York Based oil painter who explores portatire objects through colorful cropped compositions. Her work originates from an original photo which is then manipulated to create ultimate contrast and saturation. Her work is featured in many different places, such as the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and the Palms Hotel & Casino.



Betsy Enzensberger - Betsy Enzensberger, born and raised in New York and graduated from Tulane University, is now a Los Angeles-based artist. Betsy’s sculptures typically depict sweet treats to help us remember the simplicity, value and culture of desserts so often associated with positivity and joy. Betsy Enzensberger has become quite well known for her realistic, larger-than-life sculptures of dripping, frozen treats. She has shown with galleries domestically in Los Angeles, Miami, Des Moines and New York, and internationally in Hong Kong, London, Stockholm, Hamburg and Byron Bay, Australia. You can find her sculptures in multiple public and private art collections.



Erin Rothstein - Erin Rothstein, founder of Art by Erin Rothstein, is a Canadain arist who was born in Montreal but is currently based in Toronto. Her signature hyperreal pieces are centered around food and fashion while incorporating the “Pop-Culture” vibe. She enjoys painting food because her pieces trigger peoples emotions making them hungry, happy, excited and nostalgic. 



By Robyn Blair - Founded by Robyn Blair Davidson, BRB was born from an original piece of art that she was creating for herself: the signature acrylic vessel, Double Bubble, “In Case Of Emergency Break Glass” that many of you would recognize. Robyn Blair’s work has been showcased in Bergdorf Goodman and Harry Winston and featured in Forbes and Cosmopolitan. She has expanded her product line into acrylic candy dishes, fine jewelry, prints, and phone cases with much more to come.



Alexandra Grounds - Alexandra is an American oil painter from Arizona currently studying at Columbia University. She specializes in large scale portraiture and her pieces often aim to rework the patriarchy towards equality and female self-representation. Some of her work is displayed at the World Trade Center with additional pieces in multiple galleries nationwide. 



Sam Malpass - Sam Malpass, founder of Badway Creative, takes inspiration from her wanderlust lifestyle and collection of eclectic photographs from her travels. She makes most of her profit from her paintings but is also a muralist, photographer, student, and designer. Sam is consistently taking on private painting commissions for lacking spaces in peoples homes.


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